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  • Aravind Parthasarathy

Come join us!

Applications open for a full time Research Tech staff position in the lab. APPLY HERE

The successful candidate will assist in basic and clinical research involving rodent animal models. Responsibilities fall under 3 broad categories – - Animal husbandry (40%): Ordering and maintaining animal colonies, transporting animals to and from colony for experiments. - Scientific research (40%): Performing transcardial perfusions, harvesting tissue, dissection/ brain sectioning, immunostaining and basic imaging, administering drugs and noise exposures. - Lab management (20%): Preparing solutions, ordering antibodies and chemicals, organizing materials and data, general lab housekeeping. Previous experience in wet lab and small animal work preferred. The individual will be a part of a vibrant and diverse hearing research community and receive mentorship in career development. Responsibilities may be personalized based on individual career plans

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