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  • Aravind Parthasarathy

Paper Alert! On APD screening referrals, out now!

We look at large scale clinical data to identify perceptual deficits in patients with normal audiograms, and identify potential rapid screeners for adult APD referrals - led by graduate(d) students Tori Cancel and Jacie McHaney. Published at Scientific Reports

About one in ten adult patients coming to the clinic complain of hearing in noise difficulties, but present with normal audiograms. The only form of care currently available to them is a referral and assessment for auditory processing disorder (APD). But no clinical standards exist for APD assessment referrals. We looked at large scale clinical data to identify such patients, and looked at existing APD assessments to propose potential screeners to inform APD assessment referrals in adult patients.

Led by Tori Cancel, AuD and Jacie McHaney PhD. In collaboration with Dr. Virginia Milne and Dr. Catherine Palmer at Pitt/UPMC.

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